Smart Three-phase Energy Meter DTZ1398

Smart Three-phase Energy Meter DTZ1398

Smart Three Phase Energy Meter,IP54,Optical Port,Low Power Consumption,Anti-Tamper,50Hz,IEC62056(DLMS/COSEM)

General Information

Technical Data
  Meter Format
  3 Phase 4 Wires, measuring active & reactive energy consumption
  Reference Voltage
  3×100V, 3×100V, 3×220V/380V
  Operating Voltage
  1.5A, 5A or 10A(Basic Current); 6A, 60A or 80A(Maximum Current)
  Starting Current
  Reference Frequency
  Accuracy Class
  Class 1.0
  Clock Accuracy
  Impulse Generator Energy Constant
  Operating Temperature Range
  Storage and Transport Temperature Range
  Relative Humidity
  Ingress Protection Rating
  Main Character Dimension: 6mm*14.5mm

  Energy Display Digits: 6+2

  Display Mode: Scrolling Display, Push bBtton(Optional), Display without Power
  Battery Life
  Internal Lithium Battery>5 years(Blackout Condition)
  Communication Interface
  Optical, RS485
  Disconnect Relay
  Not Available
  Physical Dimension
  Terminal Hole Diameter
  Appr. 0.75KG

Insulation Test
  Insulation & Over-Voltage
  Insulation System                        Protective Class II

  Insulation Level                           4kV at 50Hz during 1 minute

  Over-Voltage Withstand                440Vac for 48 hours, 600Vdc for 1 minute
  Impulse Voltage Tests
  According to IEC62056, Impulse Voltage is 1.2/50μs main conncetion.

Electrical Requirements
  Magnetic Field Interference
  Constant(DC) magnetic induction at the rate of 500mT of external origin
  Power Consumption
  Voltage Circuit<2W,8VA

Technical Specification

  Measuring Parameters

  Active & Reactive

  Line Voltage/Line Current

  Voltage Frequency/Power Factor
  Time of Use
  4 Tariff Rates

  8 Daily Time Slots

  14 Time Zone

  100 Holidays

  Up to 12 Previous Period Billing
  Maximum Demand
  Programmable Internal Period of 5, 10,15, 30, or 60 minutes(Optional)
  Event Log
  Power Off

  Over Voltage

  Clock Setting

  Cover Open
  Event  Log Length Record
  Up to 64 records with time stamp for each event
  Load Profile
  4 Independent Profiles

  Up to 4 Channels per Profiles

  3 Months for each profile(15 minutes interval)
  Tamper Evident Features
  Tamper event detection and indicating with visible alarms

Specification Compliance & Approvals

Meter Dimensions  


LCD Indication


Technical Specification

  • 3P4W  5(60)A or 10(80)A                                                                                                                      
  • Protocol: IEC62056 (DLMS/COSEM)                                                                                         
  • Wide Operating Voltage: 0.4 Un~1.9Un

  Communication Port

  Communication Port:

  --RS485: DL/T645-2007, 2400bps for communication support IEC62056 (DLMS/COSEM) protocol.

  --RS485: DL/T645-2007, 2400bps for communication support IEC62056 (DLMS/COSEM) protocol.

  --RS485: DL/T645-2007, 2400bps for communication support IEC62056 (DLMS/COSEM) protocol.

Key Features

IP54 Waterproof Grade                                  Replaceable Battery(Optional)                       Optical Port                                    

Low Power Consumption                             Push Button Display(Optional)                       Anti-Tamper