IC Card Prepaid Water Meter LXS-20-IC

IC Card Prepaid Water Meter LXS-20-IC

IC Card Prepaid Water Meter,Prepayment,Logic Encryption,Data Maintenance over than 10 years,Checking,IC Multiple Function

General Information

Technical Parameter
The water meter module is composed  of new tpye of LCD reading/writing card mechatronics controlling valve,measurement sampling timer,eletronic controlling device,base meter.Based on these compositons,electronic measurement,IC card prepayment,valve controlling,battery voltage testing,anti-magnetic interference,query,meter charging & balance returning function are obtained.It has advantages of low power consumption,high reliability,high precision,multi-funtion and protection level.

Technical Parameter
  Working Pressure
  Built-in 3.6V Lithium Battery
  Static Working Current
  IC Card Working Life
  Symbol of the national  eletronic SJ/T11166-1998 STANDARD CODE
  Electric Control Valve Response Time
  Working Condition
  Battery Voltage≥3.0V, Water Pressure under the condition of 0.5MPa

  Working Temperature: 5℃~55 ℃

  Working Pressure: 0.03-1.0MPa

  Measuring Medium Temperature: Cold Water T30(0.1℃-30℃)  

                                                         Hot Water T90(0.1℃-90℃)

  Humidity: <93%RH
  Jointer: GB3/4

  Nut: G1B
  Pressure Level
  MAP 10
  Environment Safety Level
  Level of  EMC
  Level of Upstream Flow Field Sensitivity
  Level of Downstream Flow Field Sensitivity

  Measuring Parameters
  Nominal Size Dn: 20mm

  Q3/Q1: 80m3/h

  Overload Flow-rate: 5.000m3/h

  Permanet Flow-rate: 4.0m3/h

  Transitional Flow-rate: 0.080m3/h

  Minimum Flow-rate: 0.0500m3/h

  Lowest Reading: 0.0005m3/h

  Largest Reading: 99999m3/h

  Time of Use
  Data of  last 12 months could be traced
  Event  Log Length Record
  Internal data could be saved over 10 years

LCD Indication

Specification Compliance & Approvals

Meter Dimensions

Key Features

Prepayment                                     Logic Encryption                             Data Maintenance over than 10 years      

Checking                                         IC Multiple Function