Din-Rail Energy Meter T-Box ZC1399

Din-Rail Energy Meter T-Box ZC1399

Din-rail Energy Meter T-Box, With 12 pcs Din-Rail Meters,Relay off once Cover-Openning,AMI Compatible Feature,Anti-Tamper,Cover Open Detection

General Information

General Description
ZC1399 Din-rail Energy Meter T-Box is a 12-meter position multi-function meter box, meter box is mainly composed of four parts such as the cabinet, energy meter, concentrator and customer premises unit, each meter box can access a remote server through GPRS, administrators can do remote operation meter box and get all the customer's meter energy usage information from meter box. Greatly improve power grid management efficiency, reduce management costs; to user side, the electricity meter box through the RS485 transmit data to users of the indoor display unit, users can view their own home unit electricity consumption information through customer premises, enabling users to view data. At the same time, but also to avoid the destruction of energy measurement, convenient and safe. Thereby it forms a measurement, use, management one meter box scheme. 
ZC1399 Din-rail Energy Meter T-Box is molded by using polycarbonate material production, with reliable insulation properties, high strength, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, service life of 10 years. It is widely used in residential construction, civil power grids, can be any combination of multi-family, multi-family household can be a single installation, construction convenient, traces hidden to ensure the safe operation of the meter.

Main Parameters
  Total 3 Phase bus current is 256A
  Each meter maximum demand is 80A
  Wiring Conductor
  In three phase, Phase A, B&C wires respectively adopt yellow, green and red color; Neutral adopts black or   blue color; earthing ground adopts yellow & green color.
  Internal distribution wire of meter box adopts not less than BV-16mm2 copper wire.
  Communication wire adopts section not less than 0.7mm2 twisted pair copper core.
  Each phase bus current adopts section not less than BV—50mm2 copper conductor.
  Non-Metal   Material Meter Box

  Tensile Strength:≥35Mpa;
  Bending Strength: ≥65Mpa;
  Heat Distortion Temperature: ≥100℃;
  Flammability Rating: V-0;
  Dielectric Strength:≥12 KV/mm;
  Impact Strength: Charpy impact strength≥20kJ/m2; 

  Sealing Performance: Box base integrally formed with Waterproof, dustproof, anti-small animals into the  sealing performance.

  Maximum Temperature: 55℃(average value in 24 hours≤35℃);
  The average temperature of the hottest month: 35℃;
  Lowest Temperature: -10℃.
  Altitude Height: ≤2000m
  Daily average relative humidity less than 95%;
  The average water vapor pressure does not exceed the value of 2.2kPa;
  Monthly average relative humidity less than 90%;
  The average monthly water vapor pressure of not more than 1.8kPa.
  Life Cycle
  Measuring meter box expected life cycle should be not less than 20 years
  Pollution Level
  Less than 2

Technical Specification

Parts List & Function
  DDS1398 Single Phase Din-rail Energy Meter
  Meter Bracket
  Support meter, the meter is installed to prevent instability caused by gravity. During installation, the meter can be located firmly.
  Data Concentrator
  Collect data
  Lock the meter box
  RS485 Connector
  Provides RS485 connection interface to indoor unit.
  Cover Open-detection
  Monitor meter box's cover open or not
  Outcoming Wire Terminals
  Connect to user's cable
  Installation Bar
  Located at meter box back to firm meter box on pole or wall
  Cross Arm
  Located at meter box back to firm meter box on pole
  Located at meter box back to firm meter box on pole
  Incoming Wire Terminals
  3 Phase wire's coming interface
  Cable Glands
  Firm wiring cables against becoming loose and water splashing entry
  Indoor Display Unit
  Installed at user's home and easy to view energy consumption

Specification Compliance & Approvals

Installation Diagram


Key Features

With 12 pcs Din-Rail Meters             Relay off once Cover-oOenning            AMI Compatible Feature                                       

T-Box Cover Open Detection            Anti-Tamper                                          Pole or Wall Installation