Single-phase Keypad Meter Box ZC1399-PD01-HW-01

Single-phase Keypad Meter Box ZC1399-PD01-HW-01

Single-phase Keypad Meter Box,Anti-Tamper,IP54,10 years long lift expectancy

General Information

General Description
Model ZC1399-PD01-HW-01, the Box of Single-phase Keypad Meter is made of Case, Single-phase Prepaid Keypad Meter and Outlet Switch. One unit of Single-phase Prepaid Keypad Meter can be placed in this box which has sealing function to record numbers of opening-cover by operating buttons and switches. A self-testing device inside the meter box can count the record numbers of opening the upper cover.                       
This box certified by IP54, is made from molded polycarbonate material, with advantages of Reliable Insulation, Durable Performance, Flame Retardancy, Corrosion-resistance, Anti-aging, Using Life last up to 10 years. This Box is widely used in residential constructions, civil-power renovation buildings, multi-user buildings, single-user building and multi-family installations by the result of convenient construction, traces hidden and safe operation. 

Main Parameters
  According to customized requirement of Single-phase Electric Energy Meter
  Wiring Conductor
  Use copper wire BV-6 to 16mm² in meter box (accord with customized requirement of meter-current)
  Non-Metal Material Meter Box (the base uses PC material)
  •Tensile Strength:≥35Mpa
  •Bending Strength:≥65Mpa
  •Heat Distortion Temperature:≥100℃
  •Flame Retardant Grades: V-0
  •Dielectric Strength: ≥12 KV/mm
  •Impact Strength:Impact strength of simply supported beams shall be ≥ 20kJ/m2
  •Sealing Performance: The inside of the box is waterproof, dust-proof in good Sealing Performance to avoid small animals’ entrance.
  Altitude Height: ≤2000m
  Daily Average Humidity: 
  Average relative humidity is not more than 95%
  Daily average water vapor pressure is less than 2.2kPa
  Monthly average relative humidity is less than 90%
  Monthly average pressure not more than 1.8kPa
  Life Cycle
  The useful life of Meter Box shall be more than 10 Years
  Pollution Level
  Less than 2



Specification Compliance & Approvals


Installation Diagram